Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Things Have Changed for Me, and That's Okay

Being back in control feels phenomenal. It's not always the easiest position, but it always pays off. Now, to just figure out how to keep my attitude from wavering like a sine wave. When I'm at my apex, Goliath and I have the best runs. They might not be the best training sessions but they are always fun. With a marathon in view, we are technically tapering but really we're just taking it easier and aiming for twenty minutes of activity every day. Don't fret we'll rest completely on Friday.

In the midst of everything and "tapering" we are 188 days out from a full 26.2 miles. So we are loosely sticking to that plan and all the while making it work with all our other races, and impromptu runs. Our coach called for a four mile, easy run today. Which we set out for as per normal, except my NIKE+ started acting up. Without getting into too much useless details, it wasn't giving me the distance options it usually does, and even though the settings were on "Miles" it was giving me my distance in my ear. Unfortunately, I do NOT like trying to do math in my head. One kilometer complete...welllll five kilometers is threee point one miles soo... As much as it sounds like a nice way to distract you, it was just irritating to me. So we had to reset the workout twice and it didn't log the whole four miles in one work out. Oh well?

I was running aphrensively, and I hate running that way. Even though ice has been my best friend lately, I am really not that fond of pain and am starting to learn that it's smarted to avoid the dive into injuries. We did this crazy thing called WARMING UP, who does that? Goliath and I usually run door to door. We are acustomed to that, we know the mile markers and we know the hills. Today, we walked a half a mile and started our mileage after that.

We ran three miles out, and found a baseball diamond. I let G-Money go nutso. Sometimes I feel like he runs with me a pretends that it's enough, just to appease my ego. He ran back and forth, smelling everything. We played tag, and fetch with a ball we found. The pure physics of his energy is unexplicable.

The run was a good one. The weather was beautiful. The trail was full of smiling faces. The pain was minimal. We got a good work out. We got some miles on the shoes. We stuck to our plan. and of course, we got a little muddy.

Today's Challenge Question: When was your last perfect run? Describe it!

Challenge Rules HERE

Today's Mileage: 4.3 Miles
Time: 36:57


Manderz said...

Sounds like you had a great day! Your issue with the Nike + sounds all to familiar :(

Deanna said...

Nike+ is very frustrating at times... ugh... Been there. I would say my perfect run is a tie between this past Saturday when I ran 5.5 miles and felt like I could have run forever. My group was only supposed to run 4 but my trainer got us a little of course but I felt amazing. Also the first time I ran 6 miles. It was such an accomplishment and I was so proud I did it without stopping I almost cried!

Kari Alison said...

It's a great time of year for new beginnings...the dirty snow is starting to wash away and life begins to bloom again.

I love the picture of you and Goliath smiling...too cute!

My most perfect run was on 3/21...when I ran 5.47 miles! My highest mileage EVER. This was a huge accomplishment for me! It wasn't easy, and I felt like I wasn't going to make it, but I did! Which made it totally worth it :-)

3/23 mileage: 2.16

Becky said...

My last perfect run was 2 weeks ago. I have yet to get myself to do that route again. I really want to do it and even go farther tomorrow. I'm really looking forward to it.

I just have to remind myself tonight not to drink beer. I had a glass of wine with dinner and now I need to have club soda.

Also, your blog is so inspiring. I know I've said that before - but I get motivated after reading your posts.