Monday, March 15, 2010

Sometimes There Will Be Rain

Sometimes there will be freezing rain. Sometimes there will be debilitating pain. Sometimes there will be weekends that must be dedicated to weddings. So sometimes there will be days where you can not run. It is only when sometimes becomes most times that things start getting difficult. Most times means you start losing endurance, and it becomes a nasty little cycle. You miss a day or two, and you know you are losing endurance and fitness. Knowing that the next time you get out there it's going to be hell, just makes you less likely to get out there.

All day today, I avoided running. Yeah, Julia AVOIDED running. I kept telling myself that I would go to the gym and run on the TREADMILL. What? Apparently, I was setting myself up. When I came home after Goliath slept all day it was clear, he needed a run too. He circled me, jumped up, licked my face and was just unusually excited. We both knew we needed to run, so click went the leash and boom went the ipod.

Do you ever just have a run where you aren't feeling it? Like you feel like your form is off, and you're just hurting and feel goofy? I didn't feel like a runner today. We ran two miles out, and walked the split back. I just wasn't feeling it today. Maybe it's because I was running in the evening when 99.95% of the time I run before noon, or maybe it's because my diet is so out of whack. Whatever it is, all that matters is that I got out there. Goliath was literally running in circles when we walked into a grassy field. He was galloping so quickly that he was tripping over his hind legs. Yeah, work that out in your head for a second... This went on for a few minutes until he found a stick.

Today's Challenge Question: What discourages you from running the most? How do you overcome it?

Challenge rules HERE

Today's Mileage: 2.26 run/ 2.01 walking
Time: 19:53 / untimed


Kari Alison said...

I have been refreshing this page all weekend, anticipating your next entry :-) I am proud of you for getting out there and moving today! And I'm sure Goliath appreciates it too!

We don't have a dog because my fiance believes that dogs belong outside only, and I can't imagine not letting a dog in at night, so we agree to disagree for now. However, on my Saturday run, I met a new canine friend about halfway through (about the point where I was ready to quit). She was so excited to have someone to run with (well, she walked, and I ran) and I thought, man, I can see how having a dog so excited about exercise would be a huge motivator!

I think my point is, on the days where doing it for yourself isn't enough of a motivator, way to use Goliath's needs as motivation!

What discourages me from running the most? I'd like to say the MN weather, but in reality, it's probably just me. I have to work really hard to keep myself motivated. I literally have to force myself to gear up and get out the door...and then I am usually fine :-)

I heard that it takes 21 times of doing something to make a habit... I'm on day 8 of my 1/2 marathon training, so, just need to stick with it...

And I'm rambling...

No mileage to report today, it's my day off :-)

Psykochatter said...

I know how you feel. i'm new to running (I think I only ended up going a total of a mile today), but after not running/biking for 5 days, I was both anxious to get out and wanting to stay in bed.

The weather plays a big part in my desire to go out vs. stay in bed. Granted, I do my running in the gym right now.. but even as far as walking on my lunch break.. if it's gloomy out (or raining), inside is where I'll be. Now that the sun is coming out to play- even though I did the short run followed by 45 minutes on the bike- I want to go out and walk!

Kath said...

Most days I don't feel like running. I usually try to go to the gym in the morning so I can run the track while it's still quiet, and have it out of the way for the day. But if I don't go in the morning, I probably won't go all day. If I don't feel like running, I just put my shorts and sneakers on, grab my ipod, and stand around until I can convince myself that I'm already dresses and ready to go, so I might as well head over to the gym and run the track.

This week is especially hard for me because I'm home for spring break and I forgot my sneakers at school. I could borrow my sister's, but they really aren't the same and my sneakers are molded to my feet. You just get used to the feel of your own sneakers, you know? I can't run in any other shoes. Even older sneakers aren't as good as my current pair, because they're just too different to be comfortable anymore.

I was afraid to run for a long time because I used to get tired really easily and didn't want to be embarrassed by that or my weight. I avoided the gym because I thought people were watching me. Now I only avoid the gym at busy times because I like the quiet and I like running the track without another million (or ten) people there. Usually there's only a few other people there in the morning, and I like watching them. And when I see an overweight or goofy-looking person, I don't think anything other than "good for them, they're working to get in shape." I wish I could have thought people might have said that about me if I'd gone to the gym in the past.

Andrea said...

Right now, not much is discouraging me from running, except the weather. I used to hate the fact that I always run by myself, but now I look forward to my runs because its some time I have all to my self a few times a week.

But when its raining/crappy outside, I'll avoid running like the plague. I think that this feeling will start to go away when it starts to be warmer, I hate cold rain, but hopefully I won't find running in warm rain as awful.

Melissa said...

Great post. And I'm sure G was happy just to be out with you! I get those blah days a lot, especially after a long day of work. The thought of putting on my comfy clothes and getting some housework/reading done is enough to tempt me from the gym. But putting my gym bag in the car is usually enough to detour me from home. On my outside running days, however, I'll just get dressed and eventually make it out the door - even if someone pushes me there!

And btw, I made your stuffed pepper again last night; I think it's my new favorite go-to dinner!

Becky said...

It's great to see that even though you didn't feel like it, you did it anyway.

Most of the times on the days I don't feel it, I stay home because I don't have a Goliath reminding me that I need to. I have a Caesar - who doesn't run. I've tried...

Anyway, the biggest things that dicourage me from running are weather, time of day or diet.
I don't run in freezing cold weather. I run on the treadmill and sometimes - that is horrible. If I don't get a run in right after work, then I most likely won't go later. If I have spent the last day or two eating garbage and my body feels heavy and sluggish - I won't run. Sometimes I try, but it's the feeling you described above.

Becky said...

Oh, and to overcome it - it's a mental game. I constantly have to pep talk myself, remind myself what I'm doing and why I'm doing it and just make myself go.

Deanna said...

Hey girl... way to get out there. Sometimes it really is hard. One of things that really seems to make it hard for me is when I am sore from a hard run. I tend to just sit there and think I am sooo sore and I don't want to make it worse. Now that I am running with a running group and I know someone is waiting on me to go run since I don't have an awesome dog to come along... Being sore is def my biggest hurdle....