Monday, March 29, 2010

Rock the Parkway Half Marathon Results

Race: Rock the Parkway Half Marathon
Distance: 13.1 Miles
Gun Time: 2:05:30
Chip Time: Unknown
Weather Conditions: Rainy, Sleet, Wind and Forty Degrees
Full Race Description to follow

Today's Challenge Question: What are your ideal racing conditions? Weather, participants, with a group or alone??


Anonymous said...

Congrats on your time! I hope everything went well. Goliath is such an adorable dog!

Ashley said...

Congrats Julia!
That time is awesome especially with those conditions!! Keep up the great work!
Ashley (aniven07 on ww)

Andrea said...

Congrats Julia! Goliath is so cute with your medal on! I hope that means you're relatively injury free!

My ideal running conditions are probably like everyone else's....between 65 and 70 and sunny with a gentle breeze (cooling, but not hard to run into). I like running on my own, I find its very calming to just zone out. I like running with my pal Kathryn too though because she feels the exact same way. We run together but don't talk since we're both running to our ipods.

Becky said...

Great job!! You're a rockstar. ☺

I have yet to run a race, but I want to do a 5K. My ideal conditions would be around 60º, light breeze and partly sunny.

I like running in cooler weather.

I would also want to run it alone. I have my own pace I want to keep and if I was with someone I would feel obligated to either keep up with them, or fall behind with them.

Kari Alison said...

Way to go, Julia!! How exciting!!

I have yet to participate in a race! Nor have I completed a run with a compadre.

I am going to change both of these things when I complete my 1st 5k on April 17 with Lisa Marie and some other MN/WI ww peeps.

I'm pretty excited :-)

3/29: 4.34 miles

~Jessica said...

That dog toy in the background looks marvelous! :P

Way to go G$!