Sunday, March 21, 2010

My Old Dog Does a Little Singing

I have been a lazy blogger, among other things. So this will be WORLD'S shortest post on TBB.

I'm still feeling some residual pain from the groin tear, and with a half marathon a week away I have been trying to get it to heal as much as possible. The only running we did last week was the 2 miles on Monday, and a 5 miler on Thursday. How do you taper for a half marathon on 9 miles a week? Ha.

This week, my schedule will be back to normal and with a race in view maybe my hip will realize it's high time to heal.

We got like 800 inches of snow this weekend, only Goliath is happy about it.

Today's Challenge Question:
What's your favorite running food?

Want Challenge BONUS points? Email Goliath and I a picture of you and your favorite running partner, whether two legged or four; and tell us what got running. Pictures and stories will be posted on TBB.


Becky said...

I've been a lazy blogger too. I really need to do that tonight after my workout.

My favorite running food (or post running food) is actually chocolate milk. I got the idea from you gals on WW and it is by far the best thing after a long run. I am so glad everyone shared that information with me because I've enjoyed it so much!

I would do the bonus.... but unfortunately I have no running partner. I seem to be the only one who enjoys running out of the groups of people I know. *sigh* Even my dog hates running...

Kath said...

I usually don't eat before or while running, but I LOVE an apple after running. I used to try to eat an apple or some sort of fruits or veggies after swim practice in high school, and I've heard that calcium and fruits/veggies are good for after a workout. I'll usually have an apple or carrots and lots of water after running.

My running buddy... would not appreciate having her picture sent in. She's got two legs and lives in my dorm. I used to run with our dog, but we gave him away because he bit people. So now I run alone or with my friend.

Deanna said...

I really love these things called blocks... they are chewy and gummy and when I am on a long run they are great for giving me that burst of energy I need. Plus they fit nicely in my pocket...

Andrea said...

my favorite running food is peanut butter toast. it gives me so much energy in the long and short term.

my favorite running buddy is my friend kathryn. she's always enthusiastic and energized. we don't get to run together too much, but when we do she keeps me going. you can find a picture of us on my blog which you can find here:

Kari Alison said...

I try not to eat too much before I run...I feel like I am going to throw up if I do...but if I haven't had anything to eat in a while, I might have a yogurt.

Because I don't usually eat before, I usually come home from a run at a meal time, usually dinner. It is my favorite meal of the day...I am hungry and I feel like I have earned it. And usually I am satisfied quicker and eat less!

3/21 mileage: 5.47!!