Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Longer than the whippoorwill

Yesterday I cross trained. Today, we trained. You don't just decide to run ten miles, you have to commit to running ten miles days in advance. That is unless you're insane, and have a dog named Goliath. We are three weeks out from the Rock the Parkway Half Marathon, and training is essentially finished. There's no strict schedule anymore, so really other than wanting to see double digits on my Nike+ and hear Lance Armstrong congratulate me there was no reason to run ten miles. But we did it anyway.

I do not own any fancy running gear to carry water or gels, so ten milers take planning. To hydrate I usually carry a ziplock bag with water in it, but it gets really annoying bouncing in my back pocket. It feels like two pounds of jiggly fat, and isn't what I'm trying to get rid of? Why simulate bouncing fat? So today, I tried to figure out a way to get Goliath to carry it for me. Maybe belting it to him or securing it to the leash, but he would not have it. He doesn't have to carry water for himself, so why should he have to do for me? I have been toying with the idea of making him a cape that has the race name on it that I'm training for, so I can have it as a reminder when the walls come along during training. I could just look down and see "Olathe Half Marathon" flying beneath his speed winds, and go That's WHY!

We saw many faces, some familiar and some new, on the trail today. Nice weather makes everyone come outside, but it means Goliath has to been more time on leash. He wouldn't bother people, but you never know who is going to stop me one day and say: "You know you really should have your dog on a leash!" Spare me the leash law lecture because Goliath spent over ninety minutes on leash. Him being on the leash means I get an awesome run, I am faster and I never stop. If you were wondering what ten miles of sweat looks like, here ya go!

We paced and averaged an 8:51 min/mile. With a half mile left, I was thirsty and ready to walk. We slowed down a little but pushed the uphill half mile, my power song came on and just when you're almost finished, you hit a red light crosswalk. The second I stopped moving, my knees started locking up. The Nike voice lady said "Congrats..." the second I arrived at my door. When she started running down my stats: one hour twenty eight minutes thirty-three seconds, average pace eight fifty-one a mile, calories burned one thousand ninety-eight. I almost collapsed, over a thousand calories charred. Get outta here weekend woes! Tomorrow's boot camp better not be terrible hard, because my knees had matching hats this afternoon. Peas and carrots, peas and carrots.

Today's Challenge Question: Why running? What made you decide to run?
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Today's Mileage: 10.0
Time: 1:28:33


Melissa said...

Why running? Originally, to lose weight. I mean, if you look at the majority of people out there running, most are thin. After my first race last April it became an addiction, something I wanted to keep getting better at, running harder faster farther and longer.

Kari Alison said...

Oh Julia, I am so proud of you! What an accomplishment! You continue to inspire and motivate me, and for that, I am grateful.

I started to run because I had always thought I couldn't...then I realized there is no reason that I shouldn't be able to. It is a form of exercise that requires little equipment and can be done anywhere!

Today I ran three miles straight, a new record for me :-)

Andrea said...

Wow, Julia! That's amazing! Your success inspires me more than you can possibly know!

Now for your question: Why running? What made you decide to run? Like Melissa said, originally to lose weight. One day I realized that all of the people I know who are seriously committed to running are thin. Plus I used to be really active and played a lot of sports growing up. I would tell myself that I used to be able to run 5 miles straight, but I got tired of having to say "I used to be able" and decided to make it, "I can run" instead.

Psykochatter said...

Wow.. 10 miles? that's fantastic! I did 1 mile yesterday (I'm just starting my running program). I can't wait to be able to do 10+ miles.

I remember being in middle school wishing I could be a runner. There has always been something about it that attracted me. Sure, the health/weight benefits are there.. but being out there clearing your head, having fun, seeing all the beauty in the world.. it's just something that appeals to me. So, I started c25k a couple of weeks ago and have gotten a commitment from my boyfriend and my mother to run a 5k with me at the end of the summer...

Megan C said...

Hahaha! I nearly spit my coffee out reading about a ziplock baggie of water!

I shall look into water bottles for you!

Way to go!

Megan C said...

Oh also. Your running questions....

Why running?
Well I have this friend. Her name is Julia and she said "Hey lets RUN"

What made you decide to run?
Although I can't keep up with you, I still run for you

Becky said...

Great job on the 10 miles!

Why running?
Originally I started running to lose more weight. One day on the bike path I went "I'm tired of walking." and just started jogging. Granted, I didn't get very far because I was incredibly out of shape but since that day I never turned back. That was in 2008. I would run until I honestly couldn't and then walk it off. Then, I'd start again. I did that trend until I could run 1 mile without stopping, then 2, then 3, etc.

It's been an amazing journey and the fact that I can always continue to improve - makes running that much more exciting to me. ☺

BeBe said...

Awesome run Girl!


I run because I wanted to see how I could push myself. I want to make myself better and this is how I saw to do it.

MandyO1231 said...

Wow Julia, this is the first time I have ever seen your blog. I am so sad that I hadn't checked it out before!

You really are inspiring and I thank you for that.

Kath said...

Today's Challenge Question: Why running? What made you decide to run?

I started c25k a year ago because I wanted to get in shape and get some exercise. I restarted it in the fall when I was in Spain because I was too cheap to join a gym but wanted to jumpstart my weight loss and exercise. I swam in high school and hated running, but now I love both. I started gateway to 8k this morning. I would love to join your challenge. If I win, it'll force me to do a 5k - something I have never considered before.

Katie said...

Hi! I found your through the WW 20 year old Message Board and just wanted to say that you are a complete inspiration! My starting weight was higher than yours, but just from seeing your WW default picture, I am motivated all over again, running-wise. I've just started training for a half-marathon, and have begun a flirtation with running. Not quite an affair yet, but for sure a flirtation. We have a little something between us. You are doing such a great job! And that was one heck of a run to bid weekend woes goodbye!

Deanna said...

Why running... at first because I wanted to amp up my AP's while losing weight. Now it has become so adiciting I love it. It is almost like therapy for me. I can hit the road clear my mind and just run away...