Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Lock and Load

Well Saturday was race day, and boy was it ever. If you were to put everything that you don't want to happen on race day in a hat, I drew them all. I had no sleep, my ride was late, my esteem was low, it was pouring rain and freezing and there was a giant head wind. Lining up with my pace group was really intimidating, and before gun time I considered bowing out. For some reason, the day before I had to continually mentally talk myself into this one. I think a lot of my nervousness had to do with my very poor performance in my last half.

Less the never, I showed up. I ran. I conquered.

There was a lot more support there than I had anticipated for an inaugural race. We were told it was a really flat course, but someone was either lying to delirious. Running uphill is exponentially more difficult with a current of fallen rain, but we persevere. Mental frailty will not give you satisfactory results, so sometimes you have to convince yourself that your the biggest, baddest runner out there-even if you know you aren't. That's what running is about anyway right? Believing that you can push yourself to do something you probably weren't made to do.

The decision was made early in the race that I wasn't going to walk one single step, unless forced at a water station. I decided that no matter what, I had to be going at the pace of at least a speed walk. You know the lies we tell ourselves to make things a little easier on the ego? Like Oh, it's ok to walk you've done so well so far! Those nice little sweet nothings that justify an action? Well, I was mean. I was really mean to myself. If I told you what I was saying to myself, you would probably be disappointed.

To get through this race, I did everything in my power to keep pushing. I literally thanked every volunteer, every police officer and nearly every cheerleader-even if they weren't there for me. Just pretending they were there for me, kept me from disappointing them and eventually myself.

But the most important thing that kept me going was telling myself: pedicure, pedicure, pedicure.

It worked. I ran the whole darn thing, and even skipped a few aid stations-which I like never do. The only thing that could have improved my time was skipping the absurdly long line for water at mile eight and maybe halting the rain?

The ice bath after was painful, but the pedicure made it worth it. That should become a ritual for races.

TODAY'S QUESTION: How do you reward yourself after a good run?

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Deanna said...

After a really good race I often reward myself with breakfast or lunch that I turly enjoy. I also tend to do something I really enjoy like shopping or going and hanging out with friends.

Kari Alison said...


I am so proud of you for persevering and climbing over all of those hurdles that stood between you and your race...the biggest one being your mind and the games it sometimes wants to play! You knew this was something that you wanted to do and you let NOTHING stand in your way.

I think that is just as notable of an accomplishment as your race results (which are AMAZING, btw).

Every victory we have over our fear brings us one step closer to reaching our full potential.

Congratulations, friend, on your many accomplishments this past Saturday!

Question: My rewards tend to be food related...I can't help it, I love food.

3/30: 3.09 miles

Becky said...

I just donated $10 to your race. Also, you're linked in one of my blog posts. Well, I have your URL in there. The post called "Stanley Kubrick...." or something like that. I give some shout outs to people who inspire me.

The answer to the question:

After a good run, like 4 or more miles, I reward myself with a treat. Not a high calorie one, but something I wouldn't normally eat. Like after a run once I had my big glass of milk and ate 2 Oreo cookies with it.

Or, I will shower and then "pamper" myself with a mani or pedi. I have to feel pretty after all that sweat. :)