Tuesday, March 09, 2010


Well it's more of a blog inspired motivational challenge with a PRIZE at the end!

Follow the rules and win entrance to the 5k of your choice!
That's right, A Bosky Blog sponsored 5k. You win, you pick the race, we pay.
You can be a beginner runner, or a seasoned veteran The Bosky Blog wants you running and getting motivated! To "officially" enter reply with your name, age and skill level!

1. This is a point based give away, rack up the most points between now and March 30th and you win!
2. No cheating, that's lame. Only you can get points, no one get the points for you.
3. Challenge ends March 30th, and winner will be announced March 31st.
4. The winner picks their 5k, challengers do not have to have the 5k determined at the time of entrance. Winner will have a month to decide what 5k they would like to compete in.
5. There will be prizes for runners up.

-Follow the blog and get 10 points, if you're already following you start off with 1o points.

-Starting tomorrow there will be a question at the end of each post, answer it you get 2 points

-Link The Bosky Blog anywhere, get 5 points

-Report MILEAGE to The Bosky Blog, whether it's half a mile or twenty, get 10 points

-Send The Bosky Blog a running/dog question to be answered, get 5 points

-There will also be random ways to get bonus points, so watch out for bonus days!

Leave a comment, or email us.


suebee2003 said...

Julia, You are so awesome!

I never leave comments but I follow your blog. I was lost when you were in Aspen, lol.

You inspire me to run. I'm slowly starting but you do. I don't think you know how much you help people with your blog, posts, and texts.

You Rock!!

Megan C said...

Bonus points for being AWESOME!

And one HELL of a Zumba dancer?

Psykochatter said...

So... I totally love reading your blog but for the life of me have not been able to find the follow button..that is until today- when I was going to comment about it!

This'll be fun! and increase interaction..

Becky said...

You are serisouly awesome. I would love to be a part of your challenge. ☺
I am also a Bosky Blog follower already.

Becky, 24 and I don't know what skill level I am.
I've been running since 2008 but have never run a race! Most miles I've done in one run has been 6. So, maybe an intermediate runner?

Anyway, I am actually going to start off with a dog question.
I found a dog park in Springfield. I want to take my dog (shih-tzu). It is an unleased, fenced in park. However, Caesar has never been and he doesn't listen well. I mean, he minds me... but once he runs off I don't exist. I'm afraid to let him run around without a leash in fear he will bother other dogs and not come back to me. Should I leave him on a leash or just let him run until he's tired and feels like coming back to me?

kate said...

Melissa said...

Julia, your daily texts make me smile and keep me on track when bagels are calling to me from the teachers lounge. And I would love to be part of your challenge

Melissa, 23. I guess I'm an intermediate runner. I've been running since last January with my longest race being an upcoming 8K.

Anonymous said...

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