Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I run my life or is it running me?

It has been so hard not running for both of us. It's easier to run 50 miles a week, then it is to not. Two weeks off. Two weeks of nervous energy in Goliath. The only good thing about taking two unintentional weeks off is the rest was beneficial for my tibias. They feel good, and ready to kick out some kilometers.

Goliath has been the only one logging any sort of mileage, and even his has been sub par. We've tripped to the dog park, but I haven't felt up to walking around too much and there's never any other dogs there for him to play with. It's been bitterly cold, but he needs that little bit of freedom.

We both look a little maniacal, but then again so is going to the dog park in ten degree weather.

I've ceased all pain killers. I can't deal with the dizziness. I'd rather be in pain, and running. So that's what I did. It is unbelievably excruciating to have free time and not be able to spend it running. I think of my time in mileage these days. Like, seven loads of laundry would take me like eight hours or 50 miles. I'd rather run 50 miles. Straightening my hair takes twenty minutes, that's 2 miles. I'd rather run 2 miles. So when I sit on my butt for an hour, doing nothing but catching up on sitcoms, I think to myself: Wow, you just wasted 6 miles.

Not wanting to waste anymore miles, Goliath and I hit our trail. And get this-I was nervous! Like worried I wouldn't even be able to run a mile. Seriously. It was a weird pinned up mental nervousness. The kind you get before a big test, I know I've taken a test before but what if this one's different.

After a half mile, I was flying. Like a bird. My love. Magic. If my fragments aren't enough of a clue, going out today was the best thing for me. For my body, my mind and my pup. We needed this. The miles passed too quickly, I pushed myself and told myself that this is the sport my body was made to do. It's exciting to be back, and I can't wait to start focusing on my diet again.

Tired of water and dog pictures yet? Too bad, my blog.

I've posted this everywhere, so if you've seen it sorry-but this IS my running and weight loss-esque blog. So, here's my newest progress photos:

Today's Mileage: 4.1
Time: 38:43

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Manderz said...

Sounds like you had a 'magical' run. I know when I couldnt run all I could think about was running. I'm happy to hear you're back and I bet goliath is more then pleased.

PS - Your pics are amazing!