Thursday, January 28, 2010

I Feel on Top of the World with Ya' Baaaaybee

I've been breaking all sorts of cardinal running sins lately. After yesterday's pain, I decided that I probably should take off until I invest in new shoes. This morning, I woke up feeling energized and fresh-which is rare. I usually dread getting up, but the sun has been rising sooner and I've been having more restorative sleep. Goliath sleeps in his bed for most of the night, and like clockwork he gets up at 7am and jumps in with me. I woke him up and said "Wanna run?" and he perked up from a solid slumber:

I laced up my racers and set out for 5.5 miles knowing that I would have to walk seven miles to work. Initially, I was apprehensive not knowing how this would go and if I'd feel that same pains as yesterday. Between mile one and mile two, there's a quarter mile wind tunnel and when I pushed through I knew that it'd be a good run. With a twenty foot highway barrier on the left and condominiums on the right the wind whips through there like bottle rockets. There's no headwinds or tailwinds, it's just wind in all directions.

These five miles completely made up for my miles yesterday. It was one of those runs, where you feel like you could run forever. I pushed a 7:20/mile on mile three. Goliath noticed my pace picking up, and he was pleased. It's cheesier than Gouda, but it was one of those runs where you feel yourself improving and your body changing. There is literally nothing running wise that could make me happier, except maybe new shoes.

Goliath decided to wade the creek today:

All in all, awesome run today. It felt great: snot, boogers and tears from the cold, all of it. I was so focused, that I didn't notice him cockroach in poop. He's such a Beetlejuice, attracted to foul scents and fan of dirt.

I need to start cross training more, so if anyone has any good suggestions-bring them on.

Today's Mileage: 5.5
Time: 45:23


Michael said...

You are more or less a bag of crazy. You run more miles than i have ever walked. Reading your stuff makes me feel like a couch potato. Who am i kidding, i am a couch potato. lol. well, run on.

Manderz said...

Awesome job!! Cross training for me consists of the bike, elliptical & arc trainer. I want to bring weights into my life but I'm intimidated by the machines!

Kathykins said...

"It was one of those runs, where you feel like you could run forever." - I have had those types of runs before. Exactly what the runners high is all about IMO.

X-train I strength train alternating between upper, lower and cardio only days. I'll begin to bike again once it's warmer out. 20-30 mile rides for me give me same satisfaction as running. It also allows me to discover areas that I have not run to before.