Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A Temporary Escape


I am such an advocate for moderation.  Which is hilarious because I can't seem to moderate my habits long term.  For instance, I can be the apex of health one week and the next give myself a coronary eating burgers and beer.  Right now, I happen to be on the up swing.  Self control is at a maximum, I am killing my work outs, getting sleep and the list goes on...

The thing is, I can't help but wonder how long this will last?  Sad that I know my motivation has an expiration date.  It only takes one night out, or one party or heck one bad hair day to send me off into a tail spin.It just so happens that right now I am so dissatisfied with myself that I am kicking booties and forgetting names.

Because, I am a broke student the current focus is exercise because I don't have the means to buy the optimal foods.  So my diet is kinda whacky right now, as I am literally just eating whatever I can get my hands on.  Going without so you can pay for school is cool guys, you wish you could do it.  Don't worry though, I at least have coffee and colleagues that care enough to feed me when I am look depleted and on the verge of syncope.
Running after you swim with wet hair is, ummm, awesomeIMG_1279
You know it's hot outside when your hair is dry in 5 minutes after you start running.

Like I mentioned yesterday, not having a specific training goal is feeling reallll nice for me mentally. 
 It makes my WANT to exercise, and I have lost that feeling of HAVING to do it.


So today, I swam some laps at the pool...ouch...and then ran four miles....ouch...it was hot.  And windy?  How horrible.  It was over 90 degrees with a super heavy head wind, so it kept me cool but it was difficult to run into.

Goliath also got in a swim
Water, is absolutely essential for these hot summer runs.  G and Me both would die without frequently indulging in some agua.

What I ate today: Giant coffee, chicken and broccoli, 2 slices of pizza (I AM SO POOR! I miss vegetables! Waaahhh)
How I worked out today: 20 minute lap swim,  4 mile run

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Monday, June 18, 2012

Time is Love

Today, I made a vow.

I vowed to start blogging again.

Ya'll have heard all the excuses before, so I'm just gonna skip it and jump back to where we left offf.....

So quick recap of the last few month since my Kansas Half Marathon recap:
-Finished three more half marathons since then: Running with the Cows, Kansas City Corporate Challenge, and Hospital Hill
-Bailed AGAIN out of a triathlon
-Tried to jumble a training schedule, and work and school and well everything
-Failed to blog
-Gained some weight
-Paid off some debt
-Ate some good food, mostly candy

Thaaaaat's about it.....why do I blog again?  I am relatively uneventful, yet somehow I can always find a way to fill the page with words.  I'm mouthy like that I guess.

I have been thinking about doing a reformat, reorganizing and just generally redoing the blog.  Like new name and everything, but while the creative juices flow we shall stick to The Bosky Blog, a punny blog that no one fully understands.


Anyway, on to the important things.  I am not registered for any more races this year, well long ones that will require extensive training or maintenance.  Which really excites me because now, I feel like I can focus on different goals. Like getting to my goal weight, building some muskles, getting faster and giving my knee a chance to heal.  So next year when I go to attempt six half marathons in five months, I won't feel totally terrible about myself and lack of progress.


There's such a thing as tangible progress and intangible progress.  Quite honestly, if I have made any progress in the last year it's completely intangible, and I am unable to recognize it.  Ya'll might think I am too hard on myself, but the second I give myself a break I get stagnant and placid....and end up with a year of zip, oh like last year!


I need to focus, and werk.  It's like wicked hard to start, but I got out there today in 100 degree heat and hit the trail with my pooch.  We hit the hills, did some strength training moves and worked up a decent sweat.  The best feeling in the world right now is just being able to get out there, with no pressure.  I can relax and get the benefit of my run without stressing myself out about pace and my upcoming PR goal.

Goliath likes it too, because he doesn't feel so bad when he wants to stop and smell the pheromones.


What I ate today: Coffee with half and half and sugar, 1 cup of hot and sour soup, chicken and broccoli over white rice, slice of supreme pizza
How I worked out today: 3 mile sweat fest with Goliath

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Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Race Recap: Kansas Half Marathon

Holy Moly, I hate the new blogger set up.

I'm sure it rolled out like a long time ago, and I just haven't been on since then.  I fail....like mega fail.

ANYWAY, I need to recap the Kansas Half Marathon which was....ummm...April, 22nd?  Yeah....that sounds right.  Because I ran RTP on the 14th and it was a week later....

YEAH, you read that correctly, I did two half marathons in two weeks.  Like what what?  I know there are people out there who do like full marathons back to back, but honestly that sounds absolutely horrific to me...and 2 halves in 2 weeks was a lot physically on my weakling body.


Sunday, the 22nd was the Kanas Half Marathon in Lawrence, KS, a week and a day after the Rock the Parkway half marathon.  A week and a day after I ran into so many fueling and knee problems, and struggling to finish 20 minutes over my goal time.  So I was mentally prepping myself more than anything. 

I wasn't quite sure how my running schedule should be the week in between races, so I did a bunch of cross training and kept my mileage moderately and increased my speed.  I invested in Cliff Shot Blocks for the race to avoid my fueling issues, but I did fail to eat.  Except some small cookie thing that was in my packet. 

I met my Marathoning Mate Megan before the start, and we decided it would be best to use the porties before the gun time, but the lines were SO LONG.  It was determined that it was best to just start late, so we waited and waited and waited.  We were running to the start when the gun went off, and ultimately lined up with the correct pace group and started on time....but it was close enough to give me anxiety.

Right off the bat, I felt great.  No knee pain, I had energy and didn't feel dehydrated.  The only complaint I had was the wind was pretty strong.  The first five miles kind of flew by, except for a climb that I have climbed many times in the past. 

We ran up Daisy Hill, on KU's campus.  It's the hill where all of the dormitories overlook campus, it's a fairly steep incline and stretches for what seems like forever.  I lived atop that hill for a year.  Do you EVER think I ran it ONCE? Nope.  Never even dreamed of it.  I walked it several times, but I thought it would kill me.  Most of the time, I hopped the bus and had it drop me off in front of the cafeteria.  Where I ate myself the cliche 15lbs heavier.

So there I was, three years later, and nearly 30lbs lighter, running up it.  

Miles 6-7 were REALLY fast.  We were downhill and had a tail wind.  I felt really good.

My only complaint about this race is that there are over a thousand runners, and we run on SIDEWALKS....so basically the lead runners can get slowed down by gobs of runners getting through aid stations or passing each other.  Or high fiving them...which is what I did.   So maybe it's a toss up, I really enjoyed high fiving all the lead runners, and cheering them on very personally. But wow, does it make you feel slow.

The biggest problem I had with the sidewalk cluster is that whatever pack you were in when you got it, was the pack you were stuck in, because trying to pass people was impossible especially as you approach mile 7 because you turn loop around and switch directions.  So the sidewalk is split in two directions with runners, one pack still hitting the front miles and the other pack on their way back to the finish.  

I ended up getting a wicked bad chub rub around mile 7 also, and it was gnarly.  I think because of the wind, my legs couldn't warm up and they weren't sweating like they normally do, which is gross but prevents the chaff.  I had to stop to ask a pacer for something to alleviate the pain.  

I also had to stop a lot because every time I hydrate while running, I am getting really bad side cramps when I try to resume running.  Anyone have this issue?

Finishing after all the side cramps from hyrdrating was pretty freaking brutal, but we did it...and Megan is the ultimate trooper.  She stayed with me, when she's a super speed demon and probably could have finished 20 minutes before our final time.

Megan, is the best.

This week we will finish Running with the Cows Half Marathon, to close out the 39.3 series!!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Race Recap: Rock the Parkway Half Marathon

And man, am I still tired?

It may have been the two day expo that I worked for the race or it may have been the actual 13.1 miles,
but I was pooped.  I'm still pooped...and it's Wednesday.

I was really excited about this race, because it kicks off the Heartland 39.3 Series and my company PRA decided to be one of the sponsors, so unlike most races I had a gaggle of family and friends there running also.  

My goal for this race was to run it in under 2 hours.  Thinking that a sub 2-hour half would get the ball rolling for the spring in a big way.  I have been training relentlessly, and it was attainable.

My long-distance-long-distance Running Love!!  Pre-Race.
The Race started at 7:30, and it was kind of hectic.  As usual, I had planned on getting there earlier and it just didn't happen, so I ended up getting pretty stressed out.  Also, large groups of people are kind of annoying to me-a terrible phobia for someone who's addicted to road races.  I was suppose to have baller status parking, and we couldn't find the lot and we ended up trying to walk to the start and my shoes got all wet, and I whined a lot about it.

Anyway long story short, Megan and I got separated at the start but I met my dear friend Mary, who was running her first (!!!) half marathon.  The race was off and the humidity was really thick.  I hate it when you sweat, and it doesn't go anywhere, it just stays on your skin.  Sitting there...all wet...and hot. GRossss.

I decided to try and line up with a pace group, but turns out I am also not a fan of those. People get really weird about trying to stay near the pacer.  There were runners who were doing everything short of throwing elbows to get people out of their way.  It was really crammed and made me feel really anxious.  So I drew back and slowed so they could pass.

The first few miles were easy peasy, nice and slow but I still felt like I was going too fast.  By like mile 4, I started to notice that I was turning over my left foot in an odd way.  Like my shoe wasn't tied right or, the unlevel road was making me strike funny?  

Around Mile 6, I noticed a familiar pain in my left knee.  No doubt from the odd strike pattern in my left foot. I started to get really discouraged.  I started to think about not finishing the KC Marathon, and how crappy that felt.  

Around Mile 7, I slowed myself waaaay down.  I was exhausted, pretty much out of gas and starving.  I didn't eat or drink anything before the race, and only water so far during.  I am struggling with GI issues while running, and want to find a happy medium.  I switched to gatorade mid-race hoping that would help.

For the rest of the race, my pace was slower than anticipated and I knew I wasn't going to hit my goal.   I was pretty defeated, there's nothing like forcing yourself to finish when what you wanted to achieve is out of the question.  But running a half marathon is an achievement in itself, so I should be proud each and every time.  

I finished with a smile on my face, and that felt awkward.  Physically I could have done more, I just didn't have it in my knee or my energy to get the job done.  I ended up finishing 20 minutes over my goal. Ouch.

The course is beautiful.   Of course I am going to say it's an amazing race :)  I will be back. Hopefully faster.

Monday, April 02, 2012

Race ReCap: Brew to Brew 44 Mile Relay

what what

Yesterday, myself along with a good friend and six new ones ran KC's Brew to Brew Relay.

Brew to Brew is a 44 mile relay race from Kansas City's Boulevard Brewing Company to Lawrence, Kansas's Free State Brewing Company.  

44 Miles
10 Legs
8 runners
Lots of beer

We started at 06:30, and by we I mean Mark, our first runner.  Never the less, I still had to be up at 04:30.  Rough....seriously rough, especially when you were up until midnight because of the KU game.

I didn't drink coffee because I thought for sure I would nap in the car as we drove through the exchanges.  That's a newb mistake.  Silly, silly.  The car ride from exchange to exchange was where all the fun was at:
Blaring Meatloaf, Justin Bieber and others
Squirting water guns
Cheering on the runners

I had legs 9 & 10, so yeah, I had to wait all day and build the excitement and anticipation.

By the time it was my turn to run it was about noon, almost 90 degrees and pretty darn humid.  I was really stoked to run, so I took off pretty quick but also quickly slowed myself.  Leg 9 was pretty wicked.  Long hills, just constant up and down.  I do enough hill training that it wasn't so bad, but it's pretty discouraging when you see EVERYONE walking up a hill a half mile ahead of you.  Also it was on gravel, I hate running on gravel.  It kinda sucked.  But leg 9 whirred by, it was 4.2 miles.

Leg 10 is where things got a little frustrating.  I arrived at the exchange point, grabbed some water.  I couldn't see where to go next, so I asked some guy and he said "yeah, just keep going!" so I took off.  I was pretty exhausted.  I am just trucking along, it was weird that there wasn't anyone ahead of me, but I shrugged it off.  Finally, I heard someone yelling "hey...hey!!"  It was a paramedic on a bike, who told me I was going the wrong way and that the guy who told me to go this way was joking.  AWESOME!! I had ran a mile and a half in the wrong direction.  I turned around and went back, adding three miles on to this leg.  
yeah! One of the legs has a boat crossing! 

I was livid.  By the time I got back on track, I was along a levee's small gravel trail in full sun.  My first leg went by so quickly because the length wasn't visible, but on the levee I could see for miles.  And miles down the levee relayers were still running.  It was kind of daunting.  I had no gauge as to how far I needed to go because I had ran three miles already and my head was spinning from heat and dehydration.  

I asked several runners how much was left and everyone said "oh about two miles..." well I heard that like six different times for 10 minutes.  Longest 2 miles of my life.  I stopped sweating in those "2 miles" and got chills.  It was pretty miserable.  Leg 10 was suppose to be 4.7 miles, but I ran 7.8.

Finishing was the best feeling in the world, but I was super intensely mad about the three extra miles I ran.  Ya'll know I love to run, but there's something to say about being mentally prepared.  When you think you're gonna run 9 miles, you mentally gear up for that.  If you feel good enough to run more that's great, but that's probably not gonna happen when it's 90 degrees and the sun is in full force.
That's me in the back at the finish, notice the look of despair on my face
Team Life Equals finished in just under 8 hours.  Not bad for running extra miles in the heat and sun! I ran my legs in just under 2 hours, 12 miles...so not too bad!

This was my first relay race, and I am definitely wanting to do more!!

Finish line photos are the best.

Have you ever ran a relay race?
What was the distance of your leg(s)?
Do you want to do one again?

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Knock, Knock


Alright, so in case you missed it I am in the midst of training for some Bomb-Booty-Bustin' Halfaronis, relay and triathalon.  My schedule goes like this:
April 22nd: Kansas Half Marathon
April 29th: Trolley Run, 4 Mile Race (4 year Race-A-Versary!)

Allllssssoooooo, I am planning on:
April 30th-May5th: Beach Vacay-haaayooo

Yeah, it's gonna be a busy spring and I am already tired thinking about it.

All that craziness aside, lemme introduce my new trail:
ok, right??  

Yeaaah....it's much better that that old rags place by the train tracks and it's longer than 3 miles, so it automatically wins!

My list of necessities for a trail:
1. Long: check
2. Near Fresh Water: check
3. Granola-earthy-hippie-back-to-naturey: check
4. Mile markers: check
5. Terrain: double check, this Biatch is a hill-BEAST. LOVE IT!

Only draw back is that it's not within running distance, well I mean it is, but by the time I got there I'd be ready to turn around.

G and I ran 7 miles on Monday, and it was gorgeous.  I am so excited for Spring, when everything is green 

After, that longish run I was depleted of nutrient and required sustenance quick:
It's a wrap I swear...not a salad with mustard as dressing.  Although, I am obsessed enough with mustard I might attempt that at some point.

What do you look for in a running locale?
Do you have any spring races?
What's your fav post-run eat?

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Sunday, March 11, 2012


We are back! And we are never leaving you again!!

After a long hiatus, I am ready to comit to the blogaroo again.

Love&Peanut butter,

Julia and G-Bonez

Sunday, January 08, 2012


Hey friends!!
Sorry, it's been a while.  I needed some time to evaluate things and get unplugged and rejuvenated.

In that time, I thought seriously about shutting the bloggie down for a while so I could focus.  

But I missed it.

So TBB stays, and I will keep updating. 

Hello, 2012.  I love fresh years.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

My Chest to the Sun


When I run in the am, I am hungry all day so that coupled with Weight Watchers which is essentially caloric restriction, I am really hungry.  Blugh.  At least tonight was sushi night with my love!

On the new WW plan, I only get 26 points...which is balls because I roughly eat a bajillion in one sitting.  Oh, that's why my jeans are tight? Ohhh ok. And it's weird trying to relearn the whole system again.  I was so successful on it in the past, that it kind of cheapens it now.  It's like retaking a CPR class when you were certified a few years ago, okay so yeah they have changed the number of compressions to breaths, but isn't it really generally the same: pump the heart-exhale in air, just like weight watchers: moderate your food and track it.  

Weight Watchers, you can finagle your point system all you want make chicken X points on this plan and Y points on that plan and then give me Z points on who's plan?  
Chicken is chicken, no matter how many points 
are attached and fat on my ass is fat on my ass no matter how many times I check the mirror. 

The point is this losing weight is hard, keeping up with plans is hard but I figure maybe if I pay for it....I will actually utilizing the tools they give me and make it work for me?  Misconception?  We will see I guess.

Goliath and I had a swell three miler this morning.  My Garmin is dead...like I think really dead this time.  So I just ran, and we both really enjoyed it.  Not just because we were running, but because we had the freedom and circumstance to....ahhh, thank you winter break.  

Now my shin splints are flarin'  so onto the next ouchie right?  It was REALLY cold,  my whole body was RED when I got home but so worth it.

Today's Food Not Pictured: Fage 0% yogurt, 2 clementines, Coffee, tuna with broccoli and rice and cheese, salad, crab rangoon,sushi, carrots

Today's Picture:

What time of day you prefer to run?
Have you ever returned to a eating-program after previously being successful?

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